ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2. Buy the ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2 by ATN Corporation. The ATN Corporation mfg. part number is NVGOPVS720.

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ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2

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ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2
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ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2

ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2
ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2

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SKU #: GS-113992
Mfg: ATN Corporation
Mfg. Part #: NVGOPVS720
Condition: New
List Price: $2349.99

Out Of Stock

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ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2

The ATN PVS7 Night Vision Goggles is a robust, dependable, high-performance Night Vision System . The ATN PVS7 Night Vision Device is identical to the AN/PVS-7 model and is adopted as a standard issue to U.S. Army ground troops, designed to assist viewing and provide reliable service in the most unfavorable conditions. Full U.S. Mil-Spec body with Goggles assembly, soft carrying case, demist shield, sacrificial filter for objective lenses, shoulder strap, head-mount assembly with 3 brow pads, lens tissue, neck cord and front lens cap.


- Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted
- Waterproof
- Use two AA type battery
- 1x magnification
- Standard Military Issue
- Combat proven
- One-knob operation
- Built-in Infrared illuminator


- Total Darkness IR System: Yes
- IIT Generation: 2+
- Resolution: 40-45 lp/mm
- Signal to Noise Ratio: 12-20
- Figure of Merit: 1250
- MTTF - Mean Time Before Failure: 5.000 hours
- Magnification: 1x
- Lens system: F1.1, 35 mm
- FOV: 40
- Range of focus: 0.25 yd/m to infinity
- Diopter adjustment: -2 to +6
- Controls: Direct
- Automatic Brightness Control: Yes
- Bright Light Cut-off: Yes
- Infrared Illuminator: Built-in
- IR Indicator: Yes
- Low Battery Indicator: Yes
- Power supply: 2 x 1.5V(AA type battery)
- Battery life: 60 hours
- Environmental Rating: Waterproof
- Operating Temperature: -40F to +122F
- -40C to +50C
- Storage Temperature: -58F to +158F
- -50 to +70 C
- Dimensions: 6.4'' X 3'' X 6 ''
- 162 X 76 X 152 mm
- Weight: 1.5 lbs /0.68 kg
- Warranty: 2 years


ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2


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ATN Corporation PVS7 - PVS7-2

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